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Executive Director - Marie Zimenoff
Master of the Art of Resume Writing
Trainer | Speaker | Writer | Coach | Consultant

Welcome to the Resume Writing Academy, your single source for expert training, programs, content, intellectual property, and resources to elevate your resume-writing skills to world-class standards.

RWA is committed to training top-flight resume professionals who will achieve eminent status in the careers industry based on their unique ability to write and design resumes that get candidates noticed, interviewed, and hired.


The Resume Writing Academy offers a portfolio of training programs to meet the diverse interests and training needs of resume writers, career coaches, career counselors, outplacement consultants, college and university career development professionals, government and military career transition professionals, corporate HR professionals, and others working in the careers space. Join us for:

  • Our flagship RWA Program, an intensive 3-month resume training and certification program leading to your Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) credential.
  • Specialized Resume E-Summit Webcasts on specific industries, careers and professions, providing you with expert training, resume samples, keyword lists, and other resources.
  • Intensive Entrepreneurial Training with a focus on Marketing & Business Development, Pricing & Profitiability, Sales & Customer Relationship Management, and more.
  • In-person seminars, workshops, and presentations. Watch your email for special announcements about these programs.

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