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6-Step Process for Writing Extraordinary Resumes:

All Levels, Industries & Professions

$69 for program and all materials
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When you begin with a plan and a process, writing resumes can be so much easier. The moment you start to work, you're instantly productive, knowing what to do, how, why, and when. No more sitting at the computer, trying to get started but not knowing how to begin or what to do first.

This E-Summit will help solve that problem! In this program, we will share our 6-step process to resume writing – a process that enables us to be very productive and time-efficient with every resume we write. The process is seamless, easy to follow, and will make an immediately positive impact on your efficiency, productivity, and, when appropriate, profitability!

We'll take you through our 6-step process so that you'll:

  • Understand the importance resume structure and positioning
  • Write from the bottom to the top for a huge increase in writing speed
  • Create compelling content that engages readers' interest and moves them to action
  • Craft unique summaries/profiles that perfectly position your clients for their specific goals
  • Format your resumes so they're sharp, distinctive, and professional
  • Finish with finesse

We'll also teach you how to structure your client interviews so that you're already writing the resume before you ever start!

As with all of our E-Summits, you'll receive a wealth of handouts and resources: client questionnaires to capture rich content; our go-to interview questions that dig deep; our tricks for overcoming writer's block; resume samples that take the 6 steps from theory to practice; and our “famous” list of 398 resume verbs and other writing tools.

This program is offered via MP3 audio recording, and each attendee will receive the audio recording link, so you can listen - over and over - whenever you wish.

Registration: $69 for program, recording, and all materials

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