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Many of you may already be experiencing an increase in the number of clients in the banking, investment, insurance and financial services industries who are contacting you for resume assistance. I've already had quite a few calls from resume writers wanting information on this, that or the other as it relates to those industries.

So, to be certain that we're all prepared for what I anticipate will be a large number of finance industry clients, Louise Kursmark and I have created this banking and finance resume training program.

Together, Louise and I have written hundreds of resumes for individuals in those industries and have mastered some of the most critical resume-writing concepts, strategies, terminology, formats and more. To share that information with you in a concise and easy-to-understand manner, the webcast will be structured as follows:

Section #1: Banking
  • General Introduction to the Banking Industry
  • Banking Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • Sample Banking Resumes
Section #2: Investment Services
  • General Introduction to the Investment Industry
  • Investment Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • Sample Investment Resumes
Section #3: Insurance
  • General Introduction to the Insurance Industry
  • Insurance Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • Sample Insurance Resumes
Section #4: Financial Services
  • General Introduction to the Financial Services Industry
  • Financial Services Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • Sample Financial Services Resumes

In addition, you'll receive a tremendous number of handouts ... resources that you'll have at your disposal to reference when you're writing client resumes.

Note that we will be addressing both clients who want to continue within their respective industries as well as clients who are now preparing for industry changes.

This program is offered via MP3 audio recording, and each attendee will receive the audio recording link, so you can listen - over and over - whenever you wish.

Cost: $69 (includes all course materials)

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