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New Formats, New Strategies, New Ideas

Presenters: Wendy Enelow & Marie Zimenoff

$69 for program and all materials
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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to write executive resumes. In fact, in many ways, they're easier to write because these clients often have successful careers with measurable achievements and results. Rather than struggling to come up with information - a challenge you might face when working with a graduating student or young adult - your greatest challenge might be how to include all of the great information you have to work while keeping the resume to just 1-2 pages.

If your goal is to learn how to write, format, and design high-impact, results-driven, and visually modern resumes for your executive clients, then this E-Summit is for you. The 2-hour webcast training program will provide you with precisely the knowledge, information, keywords, resources, achievement language, branding statements, and much more that you need to accomplish that goal.

Here's just a brief listing of what you'll gain from this program:

  • Understanding of the job titles and functions for C-level and other senior executives.
  • Insight into the specific strategies, formats, and content that distinguish the very best executive resumes.
  • Strategies to create unique branding statements that are appropriate for your senior-level clients.
  • Techniques for writing strong achievement and contribution statements, bullets, and stories.
  • Ideas to keep your executive resumes to a manageable length will still including all relevant information from what might be a 30-year (or longer) career.
  • Unique ways to handle typical “problem” and career-change scenarios that executives and senior managers may face in their job searches.
  • Formatting methods to create distinctive resumes that convey an executive “look and feel.”

This E-Summit is rich in materials. You'll receive a portfolio of handouts for this program - samples, tools, and resources - that you'll be able to put to use immediately:

  • Sample resumes for C-level executives, other executives, senior management personnel, and other business leaders.
  • Executive keyword lists for multiple industries and professions.
  • Resource lists for senior executives and managers - including specialty job posting sites.

(Special Note: For those of you who feel that you're not yet qualified to write executive resumes, I promise you that you're wrong! In fact, these resumes are often the easiest to create because executive clients generally have steady career paths and strong achievements, making it easy for you to write and design resumes with real impact. Plus, these clients truly appreciate you and all you can do for them!)

E-Summits are easy to attend - live or recorded:

Registration: $69.00 for program, recording, and all materials

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