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Today's top resume writing strategies, formats,
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$69 for program and all materials
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Every GREAT resume writer needs to know how to do 3 things expertly:

  1. Capture the RIGHT information from each client - information that will vary based on that client's unique experiences, objectives, education, style, personality, and other intangibles.
  2. MANAGE client relationships so that you're in the driver's seat, and do so with professionalism, friendliness, expertise, and control.
  3. Write GREAT resumes, letters, bios, LinkedIn profiles, and other career communications that, simply put, are the very best.

In this Master Class E-Summit, you'll learn from 2 Master Resume Writers who built thriving resume practices on these 3 pillars. Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark will share their in-depth knowledge and decades of experience to help you learn:

How to Capture the Right Information

  • Different methods of capturing client information, the pros and cons of each, and how to create the system that works best for you
  • Questions to ask that will elicit the information you really need (and not endless details you don't need)
  • How to extract information from even the most reluctant or inarticulate client

How to Build Great Client Relationships

  • Ways to build positive, friendly, and lifelong client relationships - while avoiding "toxic" clients, time wasters, and tire-kickers
  • How to best manage an unhappy client
  • When and how to upsell and cross-sell additional services - and deepen your client relationships at the same time

How to Deliver the Very Best

  • Tips and techniques for writing and designing best-in-class resumes that truly outshine all others
  • Straight talk about ATS - what Applicant Tracking Systems mean for your clients and for you
  • Best practices for writing LinkedIn profiles, e-notes, and other career marketing communications

By mastering these key concepts, you'll give yourself an immediate advantage in the work you do every day. You'll be more productive, more effective, and more CONFIDENT about what you do, how you do it, and why it is valuable to your clients. That confidence will translate to greater client confidence - and, if you're in private practice, the confidence to charge what you're worth (and get it)!

This 2-hour webcast will provide you with resume writing strategies, concepts, and tools that you'll be able to use immediately. In your portfolio of handouts for the class, you'll receive document samples (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, bios, cover letters), resources, and some of our favorite tools for capturing information, managing clients, and staying on track with multiple projects.

This program is offered via MP3 audio recording, and each attendee will receive the audio recording link, so you can listen - over and over - whenever you wish.

Registration: $69 for program, recording, and all materials

Click here to register

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