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Want to learn to write outstanding resumes for your clients in Sales, Marketing and International Business Development? If so, this 2-hour training program will provide you with precisely the knowledge, information, keywords, resources, achievements, branding statements and much more that you need to accomplish that.

Here's just a brief listing of what you'll learn in this program:

  • A clear definition of each of the three professions with a focus on the key responsibilities, accountabilities, functions and more specific to each of the professions.
  • A clear understanding of the differences between sales and marketing, despite the fact that these terms are often used interchangeably.
  • Strategies to create and leverage unique branding statements for each of these three career paths.
  • Achievements and contributions specific to each of the three professions.
  • Resume strategies for dealing with "typical" problem scenarios for clients in these three professions.
  • Formatting methods to integrate charts, tables and other graphics to showcase your clients' quantifiable achievements and give your resumes unique visual distinction.
  • Alternative structures and formats for individuals continuing within their profession as well as changing careers.

Here's a listing of what you'll receive in your portfolio of handouts for the program:

  • Sample resumes for sales, marketing and international business development, from individual producers to top executives.
  • Keywords lists for all three professions.
  • Representative job titles for all three professions.
  • Software, systems and technologies for all three professions.
  • Resource lists for all three professions (including specialty job posting sites).

This program is offered via MP3 audio recording, and each attendee will receive the audio recording link, so you can listen - over and over - whenever you wish.

Cost: $69.00 (includes program and all materials)

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