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Aya El-Mir of Lebanese American University wrote:
"Dear Louise and Wendy - A thank you is not enough. I wish there was a more “grand” word. Thank you for the impressive program, your amazing support, constant encouragement, and the great and very challenging learning opportunity that I experienced while being coached by you both. I am so proud to have earned my ACRW certification! I am sure that it will add a great value to my services. I can't wait to start the Entrepreneurial Elegance class."

Gulnar Mewawala of The Emphatic Resume wrote:
"Deciding to attend the Resume Writing Academy is the best career decision I have ever made. Unlike any other resume certification program, RWA's training is extremely thorough. By the time you receive your ACRW, you are confident that you have the skills to write resumes and other career documents for anyone! Wendy and Louise themselves are extremely helpful, both in their critiques of your coursework, as well as afterwards when you are searching for writing opportunities and developing your own client base. The program paid for itself within 4 weeks of launching my business."

John Leggatt of Careers Upstairs wrote:
"Wendy and Louise's RWA training program was easily worth the price of admission!"

Anne Kern of ReachHire Resume Service wrote:
"I am beyond thrilled in achieving the ACRW!!! I researched several certification programs before deciding on the Resume Writing Academy. Your program was outstanding and I would highly recommend it to all resume writers. You have greatly enhanced my writing skills and confidence. I look forward to other programs you might offer in the future."

Betty Corrado of Career Authenticity wrote:
"I mentioned my recent ACRW certification yesterday to a NY-based coach/trainer looking for a resume writer and the mere mention of the Academy and your names was enough to generate significant interest in talking and proceeding to the next step. I'm not sure if others considering taking your program understand the weight that the credential from your Academy provides."

Amy Gubser of CareerLaunchUSA wrote:
For anyone “on the fence” about Resume Writing Academy, you can't miss the opportunity for this “must-have” credential that increases your credibility and adds to your confidence. It truly is one of my top 5 best investments that I have made in myself. I can give you numerous reasons why you should sign up for this personalized, high-level, first-rate program that will change the way you think about resume writing and other important marketing documents. RWA is one of the most important things that you will ever do for adding value to you and your business future. From my personal perspective, RWA is a transforming learning experience!

Cheryl Milmoe of
"Thank you for promoting RWA graduates! I am already reaping many wonderful benefits and opportunities as a result of attaining my ACRW. A big thank you to you and Louise!"

Janet Beckstrom of Word Crafter wrote:
"Enrolling in RWA is the best thing I've done in my 18-year career as a resume writer. The class made me a better interviewer, writer, designer, and strategist; it reinforced skills I already had; and it introduced me to a new level of professionalism. The ACRW designation has already contributed to increasing my revenue in two ways: it has bolstered my confidence to charge more because I finally recognize the value I provide clients, and believe clients are pre-sold when they see it listed in my email signature block and/or hear it in my voice mail message. Thank you, Louise and Wendy, for your guidance and contributions to my success!"

Anne Kern of ReachHire Resume Service wrote:
"Your classes are wonderful and have been a great investment! Learning new strategies and forms of presentation are priceless. Thank you!"

Cheryl Bain of The Write Impression wrote:
"I want to take this opportunity to say how happy I am that I enrolled in RWA. I thought, after being in human resources for over 25 years, I knew all about resume writing but RWA has taught me so much more. I am more confident as I have added a valuable tool to my arsenal, a tool which will increase my market value and visibility."

Jewel Bracy DeMaio of wrote:
"I just realized that it is the highest quarter I've ever had! I shocked myself... I strongly believe the good $$$ situation is because of my completion of your class, which sharpened my actual resume writing skills, but most importantly, shored up my confidence about commanding the prices that I do for the quality of work that I deliver."

Georgia Adamson of A Successful Career wrote:
"You can add my kudos to you and Louise for the first class. I am VERY glad I have been able to participate, because I have learned a number of new things as well as reinforcing skills and knowledge I already had. Also I have gotten insight into fresh approaches that I hadn't thought of or considered before--very important to keep from getting in a rut! The course has also been a definite confidence-booster--maybe worth the investment for that alone--and my recent clients have certainly reaped a benefit from what I've gained through the course. I would unhesitatingly recommend the course to anyone who might be wondering whether to sign up or not."

Abby Locke of Premier Writing Solutions wrote:
"The opportunity to participate in the Resume Writing Academy program has given me such a boost and confidence in my resume writing strategy and document development. It gave me confirmation that my hard work and efforts are not in vain and that I am indeed on the right track. This program also gave me an opportunity to hone in on areas that needed improvement and opened my areas to new design techniques, resume formatting and layout options, and the overall importance of "strategy first - then writing second."

Rosa Vargas of Creating Prints wrote:
"I could not wait to share that I am so excited about RWA. My enthusiasm only grew after today's class! I can already tell I am going to learn a lot and I am very impressed at the amount of information, resources and effort you both put into preparing this course. Thank you for sharing!"

Melissa Bermea wrote:
"I just want to mention to you both how much your class has changed my writing skills. Not only in the resume world, but my writings in general. Even e-mail messages, and letters in general, flourish with style and finesse now. Honestly, I feel like I'm on a new playing field, and I most certainly view words and sentence structure with more affluence. Thank you for changing my way of thinking."

John-Michael Auron of Auron Careers Services wrote:
"I wrote a resume for a friend of mine's daughter a couple of months ago and was pretty pleased with it. I recently offered to take another look, as her job search has heated up, and was amazed by how much I was able to improve the resume based on what I've learned. So I wanted to say thanks! As you know, I was pretty hesitant about the cost of RWA, but I'm definitely getting return on investment."

Kris Niklawski of A-Professional Resume Service wrote:
I am so happy (and relieved) to have this completed! A huge thanks to you and Wendy for RWA! I have learned so much and have changed many things I do in resume writing. I was able to incorporate ideas that make my job easier and also break free using my old tired formats. Thanks again for advancing me to the next level and I will highly recommend this course to anyone who asks!

Lesa Kerlin of LEK Consultants wrote:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Apparently, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. You've been an incredible teacher, and I can't overstate how much I've learned.

Michael Davis of Michael Davis Resumes wrote:
Now that I got past the CONGRATULATIONS and the Champagne has stopped bubbling, I want to thank you both for the academy and the rigorous curriculum to achieve the ACRW certification. This is a valued credential.

Cheryl Milmoe of Career Management Solutions wrote:
Thank you! Thank you for your insights, observations, and guidance while shepherding me through this course. I will think of your patient instruction as I write, most especially when it comes to "all things grammatical." ;-) You and Wendy were right, you did work me hard but made me a stronger, more focused writer, just as you said you would. I am proud to have earned this credential and look forward to sharing all I learned with my clients and those who follow my blog.

Betty Corrado of Career Authenticity wrote:
I'm elated at the news of my final grade and completion of this program! My sincere thanks to you and Wendy for the "bar raising" approaches to planning, crafting, and framing resume/cover letter strategies and content. It's been a tough road, but a worthwhile one! This program is not for borderline grade seekers or those desiring to get their certification for the sole purpose of adding another acronym to their names. I stretched my capabilities, deeply honed skills that even a 20+ year career in Corporate America didn't, and positioned myself with greater confidence and significantly enhanced revenue possibilities! Any program with these immediate and long-lasting benefits is a worthwhile investment in my book!

I'm signing up next for some of your Entrepreneurial/Resume Summit teleseminars to strive for further excellence in functional areas that will benefit my present and future clients. There's no doubt that you two are truly the best in the industry! I take great pride in my decision to participate in your quality program and now proudly serve as one of its graduates.

I look forward to future programs and continuing my path to entrepreneurial freedom and success. Thank you again!

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Here are what a few of the E-Summit attendees are saying about our programs:

Tracey L. France, CEO of Warhorse of Words, LLC wrote:
"As a fairly new start-up, I've spent thousands of dollars attending seminars and continuing my education ... haven't always felt that I got my money's worth. In your case, I felt that I got more than my money's worth and know that I will continue to reap the payoff years down the line and so will my clients. I will certainly be back for more courses from the Resume Writing Academy."

Patrick Moore, PhD, MBA wrote:
"I have a PhD in Philosophy, and an MBA, and I have taken any number of supplemental courses on any number of subjects. But your's and Louise's resume course is far and away the best supplemental course I've ever taken; frankly, I learned more from it than from my MBA studies."

Marla Emery, Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach wrote:
"I thought the teleclass was exceptional."

Lucille Sanchez Pearson of Global Resources wrote:
"My investment in your course was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Actually, itís a tie between you ladies and Jenny Craig!"

Judit E. Price of Berke & Price Associates wrote:
"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and also learned from your workshop. The content and the presentation were terrific."

Susan Dearing of UCLA Anderson School of Management wrote:
"Thanks for the great webcast and for the great materials!"

Julie Walraven of Design Resumes/ Wausau Whitewater wrote:
"Thank you both for a terrific webinar ... all that you do to contribute to the professionalism of our industry!"

Dee Duff of Dee's Documents wrote:
"You did a tremendous job in putting all this information together. Keep up the good work!"

Daniel Cohen of wrote:
"That was fantastic … very valuable!"

Carol Nason, Career Advantage wrote:
"The C-Level Resume training program was great. I always expect a lot from your programs and always get even more than expected!"

Mary Ann Wilson wrote:
"The amount of material was fabulous and I am so glad I attended."

Lois Gilbert, Owner of The Word-Smith wrote:
"Hi Wendy & Louise! All I can say is WOW! What a learning experience!"

Stephanie Clark of New Leaf Resumes wrote:
"I've taken all your E-summit courses now, and once again I am wowed and blown away by the quality and volume of information that you two are able and willing to share! And, as before, I find that what I hear is a reaffirmation that what I am doing is right on (sigh of relief!), mixed with valuable new information (excited to incorporate it!)."

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