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Resume & Profile E-Summit

how to make non-linear careers shine: Writing Resumes for Challenging Client Situations

At heart, every resume writing challenge is the same: to take what we know about each client and present it in way that is interesting, aligned with current objectives, and relevant to a future employer.

But we all know that some resume writing projects are more difficult than others. They require us to think differently, come up with new ideas and formats, and be creative in presenting a background that doesn't fit the mold.

Writing these resumes challenges each of us to showcase all that is positive about a client while, on occasion, downplaying the negative and meeting employer's requirements. It's a balancing act that great resume writers know how to do well.

In this E-Summit, Resume Writing Academy CEO Marie Zimenoff will share her tips and tricks for helping any candidate shine based on her experience helping ex-offenders transition to the workforce, working with military bases, teaching resume classes in the workforce center, and guiding resume development for students at a nonprofit focused on retraining.

You will walk away with strategies, samples, and new ideas for dealing with those client situations - so you feel confident and well-prepared to help many different clients dealing with diverse challenges. For example:

  • Hopping from one job to another - whether by choice, industry downturn, or poor performance.
  • Returning to work - whether that absence relates to raising children, recovering from an illness, being incarcerated, or any other factor that took your client out of the workforce.
  • Exiting the military - and pursuing civilian jobs that may or may not relate to military experience.

Career services staff at workforce centers, nonprofits, community colleges, and military bases where we have delivered training rave about these strategies -- many they have never heard before -- and now you can learn them, too!

In addition to tips, techniques, and strategies, you’ll receive a valuable portfolio of resume samples - ones you never seen before - that you can adopt, adapt, and put to good use for your own challenging client scenarios.

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