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Hi, I’m Marie Zimenoff, CEO of RWA...

I’m a passionate advocate for career industry professionals and a decades-long practicing career coach myself.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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Upcoming Events

    • 27 May 2021
    • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)
    • Webinar

    Academy Certified Career Storyteller
    Training & Certification Program

    Instructors: Deb Dib, Louise Kursmark & Marie Zimenoff

    Modern marketing communications have moved away from a pitch to share an engaging plot ... stories that pull in a reader and make them want to connect with the brand, product, or person.

    Stories command attention, build emotion, and change perceptions. That’s why great speakers use stories, why CEOs infuse storytelling into company cultures, and why leading career professionals use stories to transform their client’s critical facts into fascinating narratives.

    If you are ready to write materials that captivate readers, differentiate clients from the competition, and open the door to conversation, this advanced program is for you!

    In this program, instructors Louise Kursmark, Deb Dib, and Marie Zimenoff will share a step-by-step process for gathering stories and writing content that connects with your client’s target audience: from resumes and cover letters to profiles, professional introductions, formal bios, and more.

    You’ll walk away with:

    - an understanding of the neuroscience behind stories so you can strengthen the connection with your reader

    - tools to identify client brand attributes and gather stories so you communicate your client’s unique promise of value in their voice (which also means you'll write faster!)

    - steps (with examples!) to turn stories into content in a variety of ways so you can write stories for more traditional clients and those who want to be bold with their stories

    - confidence based on experience writing storied resumes, profiles, and more, with detailed written feedback from instructors and peer input (structured and instructor-facilitated in class) 

    - lifetime inclusion in the Academy Certified Career Storyteller directory, RWA community conversations, and other perks offered to RWA graduates (no renewals and no membership fees to maintain certification!)

    If you want to be confident in writing powerfully fresh and compelling client materials – join us for this in-depth training!


    All sessions will be recorded and you'll have
    lifetime access to recordings.

    BONUS & Pre-work:
    Watch the First 10 Minutes of the Storytelling for LinkedIn E-Summit
    (E-Summit Included in Certification Registration)
    Purchase the E-Summit to Preview the Program and
    Get $69 Off When You Upgrade to the Certification!

    Session 1: May 27, 3:00 to 4:30 ET
    Discussion: Neuroscience Overview
    Tool & Samples: Brand Briefs
    Process: Gathering Stories
    Tool: Brand Storyboard
    Process & Samples: Storytelling in Bios
    Homework: Write a Bio (Based on Case Study)

    Session 2: June 3, 3:00 to 4:30 ET
    Discussion: Small Group Feedback / Strategy Session on Bio Homework
    Tool & Samples: LinkedIn Headlines & About Lead-Ins 
    Process & Samples: Storytelling in LinkedIn About Section
    Process & Samples: Storytelling in LinkedIn Employment Sections
    Homework: Write a LinkedIn About & Employment (Based on Case Study)

    Session 3: June 17, 3:00 to 4:30 ET
    Discussion: Small Group Feedback / Strategy Session on LinkedIn About & Employment 
    Process & Samples: Storytelling in Additional LinkedIn Sections
    Tool & Samples: Creating Stories for "Tell Me About Yourself" (TMAY)
    Tool & Samples: Writing Stories for Letters
    Process & Samples: Storytelling in Resume Summaries
    Homework: Write a TMAY Script & Your Choice of Letter (Based on Case Study)

    Session 4: June 24, 3:00 to 4:30 ET
    Discussion: Small Group Feedback / Strategy Session on Letters & TMAY
    Process & Samples: Storytelling in Resume Employment Sections
    Process & Samples: Going Beyond in Resume "Extras"
    Tools & Discussion: Using Visuals Effectively in Resumes
    Samples: Pulling it All Together in a Portfolio
    Homework: Write a Resume (Based on Case Study)

    Final Project: Portfolio of Documents
    (One of Your Client Projects OR Choice of Case Study)

    Certification Requirements: To earn certification, all participants will complete the 4 homework assignments described above and a final project. You will receive detailed feedback and may be requested to rework assignments to see the feedback implemented in the document (your own before and after).


    This is an advanced resume writing training program! All career storytellers are welcome and we are going to dive in quickly with storytelling, so please see below with the options to get started early for the best experience.

    Applicants for the program will need to demonstrate one of the following prior to acceptance:

    - Completion of the Academy Certified Resume Writer program or Academy Certified Profile Writer program (other certifications may be accepted as substitutes; please email Marie for consideration) OR

    - Successful application for CTL Master Resume Writer credential OR 

    - Successful completion of a written grammar test (provided when you apply to the program) AND evaluation of a sample resume demonstrating understanding or resume fundamentals in strategy, writing, and design as these will not be covered in this advanced course.



    Deb Dib

    One of my heroes, author Dr. Brené Brown, talks about "Daring Greatly."​ And like many of my clients and colleagues, I did.

    Years ago I started a part-time career service. A passion for building my skills and business kept me hurdling over courage challenges that scared the ___ out of me. That was daring greatly.

    In 2004, after I became one of the first Certified Personal Brand Strategists, my mentor William Arruda encouraged me to niche my practice to clients whom I respected for their vision and values. I gulped and dared greatly.

    No sharks or suits! Almost immediately gutsy, fun, ethical execs became my clients. I did the daring greatly happy dance!

    Fast-forward to now; I'm grateful and humbled to be considered a leading voice in personal branding and career communications innovation—and I'm collaborating with inspiring colleagues who make a difference to their clients and their world.

    Together, we strategize communications excellence for personal brands and LinkedIn visibility. We make work easier and more profitable—without losing voice or values. And we have fun!

    I love sharing innovative new concepts, whether consulting with colleagues on their projects; delivering keynotes; or facilitating personal branding workshops and social branding analyst training. And I'm still gulping and daring greatly!

    Brené Brown says, "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."​ Seems to me, you can't have personal and career happiness without it.

    So let's get real and get gutsy!

    Some of my "I got gutsy"​ milestones:
    Certifications in master-level personal branding & social branding, coaching, career comm | Author: Ditch. Dare. Do! & The Twitter Job Search Guide | Recipient: Dick Bolles' Parachute Award for Innovation | Quoted: CNN, NY Times, WSJ, 30+ career books

    Louise Kursmark

    As a resume writer/executive career advisor, I have a single goal for each client: To tell his or her career story in a way that is memorable, meaningful, relevant, succinct, and interesting. Today, that means:

    Writing for today’s readers—shorter, tighter, harder-hitting copy.
    Getting to the heart of what makes each person unique and valuable.

    Unearthing and revealing personal, insightful details that illuminate character, personality, and motivations.

    My own career journey has been a thrill ride since I launched my business back in the “dark ages” before the internet existed, when working from home was viewed as a quaint oddity and newspapers still published want ads. I’ve seen almost everything, thrived through it all, and continuously upgraded my skills to bring the best and the latest to my clients.

    My wisest business decisions have sprung from my mantra, “find and work with smart, successful people.” I’ve partnered with Wendy Enelow on countless book projects and professional activities, including launching Resume Writing Academy and Career Thought Leaders; now I’m delighted to team with our successor, Marie Zimenoff, and the fabulous Deb Dib on this storytelling certification.

    On a personal level, I've seen first-hand the power of setting clear, achievable, yet ambitious goals—and the thrill of reaching them. In the last few years I set my sights on a few mountaintops. I learned to swim, completed my first triathlon (then second, then third!), and had a personal essay published in the Boston Globe. In working with clients and with students, I get great joy from helping them achieve their own goals and reach their own mountaintops.

    What’s next? While we can’t foresee the future, I confidently predict that our skills as career storytellers will be in increasing demand as job seekers struggle to get noticed in an increasingly crowded, competitive, and depersonalized market. We help them stand out with an authentic presence and valid, relevant experiences (stories) that resonate with employers.

    Marie Zimenoff

    Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader. I never imagined holding these roles; my natural analytical tendencies didn’t lend to risk taking. Belief in the power of proactive career management overruled my introversion, driving me out of my comfort zone to build and lead a business.

    As CEO of Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy, I merge vision and best practice to elevate the careers industry worldwide.

    Career professionals transform lives and my mission is to support them in impacting the careers of others.

    My training as a career counselor gave me insight into the complexity of career transformation and the struggle of fitting passions and skills together. My experience witnessing thousands of transformations as a resume writer, trainer, and career/leadership coach fuels the work I do every day.

    I equip career services providers with the tools, training, and support they need to succeed, convening a think tank of industry leaders to share “the now, the new, and the next” in careers with 10,000+ colleagues worldwide.

    I champion the world’s premier resume training organization to provide leading-edge programs, content, and resources. We elevate writers’ skills to world-class standards through the Academy Certified Resume Writer and Profile Writer programs and Resume & Profile Writing E-Summits.

    Visit and to learn how we're changing the career success story at a time.

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