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Resume & Profile E-Summit

Presented by Jan Melnik, MRW & Marie Zimenoff, M.Ed, MRW

When professionals of any age, job level, industry, and job function make a career change, they face the challenge of helping future employers connect the dots. In this session, Jan and Marie will help you go beyond the fluff of “transferrable skills” to communicate your candidate’s value and help them land interviews.

Through two hours of training and ample samples, you will learn strategies for writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles that address common career change challenges for today’s mobile workforce, including:

  • Millennial candidates who change careers frequently and need help putting all the pieces together.
  • Baby Boomer candidates with want to down-size their career, find part-time work, or teach.
  • Candidates who have worked for institutions (government, military, or academia) and are now looking to transition into corporate positions.
  • Candidates who have worked for corporations and are looking to move into government or nonprofit work.
  • Candidates who are looking to transition their existing skill set into a new industry.
  • Candidates who are making a more significant shift and have gone back to school to aid in their career transition.

This E-Summit will provide tools you can use to improve outcomes – including questions to gather great content, inspiration to write strong accomplishments, examples to freshen up your formats, and much more!

The handout includes nearly 20 sample resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters plus resources, questionnaires, and tools to build your confidence in taking on projects for this growing candidate pool.

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Qualifies for 2 CEUs.

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